My name is Missy Halvas.  I am an equine miniatures artist specializing in Arabian costumes, Marwari halters, Akhal Teke collars, model horse finish work and hairing.  I'm passionate about horses and art, and found a way to the combine the two with the model horse hobby.  I started dabbling in model horse tack in about 1999, but I've been collecting models on and off my whole life.  I was born and raised in fridgid northern Minnesota, but now currently reside with my family in upper Michigan.  I spend most of my time being a homemaker, caring for two growing boys, a husband, four animals, and an old victorian house.  When I find precious alone time I get lost in the world of art and miniatures and make all kinds of horse things!  For the most up-to-the-minute updates on what I'm making and for pieces available for sale, please like and follow my facebook page!  Thanks for stopping by!