New Halter & Fun Photos!

November 15, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I got the idea for this new halter the other night while Wyatt was on a marathon nap so I decided to give it a go!  I really like how it turned out!  I would like to try this style in other colors, also in gold tone.  I also have another variation of this style started that is a bit more dainty and I plan to try at least one other variation in a slightly thicker style too!  So recap!  My end goal for this new halter is to do this in three different styles and release them to sell in all different colors!  If you've been craving some halters and you like the sparkles, stay tuned to see those!  This halter is also currently for sale!

Today turned out to be one of those beautiful fall days!  Technically here in northern MN I think we're supposed to have snow, but I was happily outside in a sweatshirt with my cat and dog having a blast!  The sun was warm and the fresh air felt so good, so I gathered up my ponies in their sparkly outfits and took some photos outside.  These are my favorites of the day....

Magic and Boogie shared a kiss...awww!  Anybody who has ever tried to photograph a black model horse knows it is very difficult to do.  By some freak miracle these next photos turned out awesome!

Here's some sunnier photos of the blue and gold set!  Shows off the sparkle in the rhinestones a little bit more than the last photos I took of it!

Coming up next on the work table is going to be halters halters halters, and I also have 6 new native style presentation sets in the works, totaling 612 tassels!  All the tassels are done, I will be starting the halter and collar bases this week and then it will be on to details after that!  Progress pictures of those coming soon!  All of them are sales pieces!  Why so many?  Because I have mastered the art of tassel making with a child on my lap, and decided I would seize the moment and make them until I want to puke!  612 tassels later and I'm definitely ready to move on to making a different part of these sets!


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