Marwari Madness!

February 27, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Here is a sneak peek at this pair of Marwari halters that are almost done!  These are an order for VK, so they are not forsale.  She chose the neat color palette on the red/orange/yellow/white one with a little blue and purple thrown in for pop, just love that one!  The other one is more of the traditional color theme, close to what I did on my first two Marwari halters that I made.  These are both made to fit the breyer Marwari.  He has that tricky forelock to work around, but looks so darn cute all dressed up!  Obviously they don't fit the PSA as well, but I thought it would be cute to photograph them side by side.

Today's project is the second photo, another time-consuming step to the art of Marwari halters.  Can you guess what these are for?  These are what my little poms look like before they are assembled.  I roll little pieces of colored poms into tiny balls, wetting them in a cup of water as I do so.  They take several hours to dry but have an easier shape to work with.  Then today I will glue them together and form the cute little hacki-sack shaped poms.  It is a sticky, messy process, but it is the method to my madness that works for me.  And like I say, with any time consuming task in tack making: the result is always worth it!


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