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Reserve your Arabian native set today! 4 other colors to choose from!

April 18, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I have four other native sets over half completed like the royal blue one I just listed for sale, these were listed in a previous blog as well.  I'm offering early reservations on these sets in case anybody sees a color that they like and would like any input on the finishing details.  All of theses sets have halter bases and collars completed, tassels are made and ready to sew on or are either already put on.  All the hardware on these sets is already set for silver, but I can do any charms wanted.  I had plans to do pom poms on all sets like I've done on the royal blue set, but if preferred I can do straight cowrie designs as well.  You can also have your choice of brow band.  Input is welcome or if no preference is given they will be completed similar to the way I've done the Royal blue set.  The royal blue set is currently completed and for sale, please visit my other ads to see it.  The orange set is the only one currently reserved, and is not available.  These are sized to the PSA, but all have adjustable buckles and can size up a bit to fit larger models.  Please look at the picture below for an idea of what the other colors look like, they are:

1. Green (accent colors are pink, yellow, and turquoise)

2. Red (accent colors are blue, green, and yellow)

3. Yellow (accent colors are red, purple, and turquoise)

4. Bright Blue (accent colors are red, orange, and yellow)

Each set takes a little over 15 hours of time to make so they are priced according to the hours and cost of supplies I have into them.  They are $150 each.  Price includes free first class shipping to U.S.  If you live outside the U.S. and want to purchase please contact me for a shipping quote. 

I do accept time payments.  Reserve a set of your choice for $50 down and pay $50 per month until paid off.  Or you may do half down, half upon completion or (within 30 days)  Your set will be ready to ship by the time you have paid it off or likely before.  The idea here is that these are nearly done and there is very little wait time to get a nice set!  I will complete these in the order that they are reserved!

Feel free to contact me with any questions and for more pictures of any of the colors or to hear what I have planned for details on any set, and remember it's not to late for you to choose what those details are either!

Thanks for reading and happy collecting everyone!


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