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Announcement for Commissions 2018

December 28, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Effective starting now and through the year 2018 I will no longer be accepting new commissions or special orders.  If we have a commission planned or we have talked about one, I will still happily honor those plans.  My goal is to be completely caught up and order free by June 2018 so that I might start dedicating some more of my time to my real horses and for exploring other model horse hobby medias such as painting, sculpting, customizing, etc...

This announcement does not mean that I won't be offering pieces to sell, or even making less tack, quite the contrary is my goal.  I currently offer show ring, native and dancing horse style costumes but I have plans to expand into making and offering Akhal Teke, Marwari, Moroccan, and camel costumes.  I will also likely offer a few mini costumes for sale to fit the mini Rose Khemosabi mold.

My decision to stop accepting special orders wasn't an easy one to make, but I hope it will allow me to grow more as an artist and work more efficiently.  In fact, I love making things for people, I've always had a tough time saying "no" when asked.  I do have many costumes I want to make and sell, along with some smaller pieces (halters and presentation sets).  What I will probably do, which has been working out well for me already, is offer some costumes as "pre-sales" or "adoptable".  Selling pre-finished costumes will allow my customers the opportunity to choose the size of the bridle and collar so that it can still be made to fit a favorite horse.  All pieces will be 100% artist's choice, but some input may still be considered on pre-finished pieces.

Thank you to all who have bought tack from me, for all who support and follow my work.  My goal is to continue to sell pieces that will delight you.  Despite this announcement please don't hesitate to contact me if you see photos pop up on my page of something you would really like.  I am prone to allowing customers to call "dibs" on pieces in progress that they see and like.  I also don't want anyone to feel like they will miss out so if there is something in particular you would like, give me a shout, or even send photos!  There is no guarantee I will get to making it but this way if I make something I think meets your wish list I will contact you first!  Don't be afraid to call "dibs"!  

Wishing You All A Happy 2018!

Happy Collecting Everyone!

Missy Halvas :)


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