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Red Native Arabian Costume

June 05, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Red Native Arabian Model Horse Costume

Here is a new costume that I just finished up this week.  This is a native style done in vibrant red, accented with old gold and a seafoam green.  I made this one to fit the Peter Stone Arabian but it is adjustable in size, as you can see it does fit my Bint Nazeem resin and she is fairly large.  Lots of details on this set, so I will break it down by part and go through each one.  There are six pieces in all to this set: Bridle, Halter, Collar, Saddle, Girth, and Girth Strap.


The halter and bridle are two separate pieces, allowing the halter and collar to be used separately as a presentation set.  The bridle is a separate piece that has an adjustable headstall, D-ring snaffle bit, and reins and it is meant to be worn beneath the halter when in use.  The reins are one piece, and they have a sliding bead that allows you to easily gather the reins at the horse's neck for showing if needed.  The reins have a decorative tassels accent that you can slide around; the point of this piece is not only for decoration but it will keep the sliding bead from falling off the reins.  The bridle does require the use of sticky wax to hold it into place.  The halter features an adjustable headstall with a buckle to size up or down.  The throat lash is not detachable, but has a sliding bead that allows you to loosen or tighten it.  The lead line is detachable and I have done it up in a decorative slip knot that you can loosen or tighten around the horse's neck without undoing it.  However, the knot isn't permanent and may be undone if desired, I will leave it knotted in case the new owner finds it easier.  Lead ropes are typically tied around the horse's neck on native costumes when not in use.  The halter is heavily decorated in hand made cowrie shell designs, silky red tassels, and a gold tone triple chain with tiny shark teeth.  The halter has been lined to improve longevity.


The girth strap attaches to the back of the collar with a small hook, but when detached the collar can be used for presentation.  The collar ties to two rings at the front of the saddle as is typically done with real native Arabian costumes.  There are three sets of ties on each side of the collar.  When you tie the collar to the saddle, only loop the top set through, the bottom two sets are meant to hang down decoratively.  Like the halter the collar is also heavily decorated in matching hand made cowries, and silky red tassels.  The ends of all the ropes on this set are also very detailed, wrapped in multiple collars and adorned with tassels.  See photos below to see what these ropes look like.  The collar has been lined to improve longevity.


The saddle is heavily decorated in two rows of red silk tassels.  Hand embroidered accents have been added to the pattern of the drape to bring out the richness of the colors used.  The seat is covered in a matching red velvet and is also hand embroidered in a newer pattern I just came up with that was inspired by a real costume.  As mentioned above there are a set of rings on the front of the saddle for the collar to attach to, and then there are a set in the back that hold a set of ropes that match the collar.  The stirrups are english style with black treds, and are attached beneath the saddle as is traditional for these costumes.  They are attached with black leather lace straps which have been hand thinned and are adjustable in length with buckles.  The girth is completely detachable and attaches to the underside of the drape with velcro located on either side of the saddle.  The girth strap itself loops around the girth and adjusts in length via sliding beads and it attaches to the back of the collar.  The drape also has a wire frame to allow you to bend it easily to the shape of the horse.  The underside of the drape is completely lined to protect the model from scratches.  

This set is easily one of my most favorite pieces I've made yet!

Thanks for reading and happy collecting everyone!

Melissa Halvas :0)

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