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New Arabian Horse Jewelry Set Turquoise and Silver

May 13, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Turquoise & Silver Arabian Horse Jewelry Set

My newest creation is an Arabian horse jewelry presentation set that I started last year.  I randomly picked this one back up after finding some crafting pieces in my stash that I thought would look great with this set, and then inspiration set in!  The design is much like the original "Green Hearts" set I did last year, and the lighter blue star one.  These sets were inspired by a reference photo I have of a real Arabian horse set, saved from pinterest:


While the design of this set was influenced by this real photo, the elements and colors used all had to be decided by me, lending the final piece to be a unique and very original creation.  One of the fun challenges of working in model scale and making something like this modeled after life size, is finding parts small enough to stay in scale.  Most of the time the pieces I find are not made specifically for model horse tack.  As part of my tack making hobby I constantly search and think of how something I see or find could be used on model horse tack.  Then after I find piecse to use, many hours are spent just trying to figure out the best arrangement of the pieces so that they will compliment, rather than overwhelm the face of the horse.  Most of the charms on this set were hand made, and some of them three times over before I got the exact look I was going for.  I can honestly say this piece was another true labor of love--I detailed the hell out of it!  Now on to more of those details...

I've used real hand thinned leather lace at the back of the headstall, back of the collar and for the lead line on this piece.  Each of these pieces are adjustable in length with small buckles.  The strap ends are finished with tiny silver pieces.  The set was made to fit the Peter Stone Arabian but can size up or down a bit to fit models similar in size.  Due to the brow band it's not going to fit horses with a much broader face, or much narrower face or it won't hang right.  The headstall features a noseband with a double row of charms, which have been attached in a way that prevents any sort of frustrating tangles.  This layered look was inspired by a halter I've seen that has two rows of coins on the noseband, so on this halter I did two rows of charms.  

The largest stones on this set are an imitation turquoise.  There are then a mix of blues found in beads, tassels, and the tinier blue studs that I used to accent the entire top of the collar and sides of the headstall.  The mix of blue elements, combined with their silver counterparts ties the whole thing together.  My end goal was to create a collectible piece for someone's favorite collectible to wear!

I donated this presentation set to the 2016 NAN auction!

Thanks for looking & happy collecting everyone!

Melissa Halvas :0)


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