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Red Medallion Presentation Set - SALES PIECE!

November 01, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Here's a new style that I recently came up with.  The original idea is based off of a reference photo of a real presentation set, but mine seemed to turn out with a flair all of its own!  This is my first time mixing silver and gold together in the same piece.  This one actually features materials made of real silver, silver-plated, and antique silver.  This mix of silvers is accented with gold metals and real light siam Swarovski rhinestones.  This set will definitely be the "brain child" for more new and unique sets to come in more colors and various styles!  I've already got an all gold and blue one in the works, and I'm considering a purple one!  I need to order pieces to do all silver, but plan to try versions in that as well!  Stay tuned for more new jewel-y style sets to come, I've got all different kinds in the works...

The air was chilly this afternoon, but still "fall like".  We have seen our first snow already but it did not stick around so I'm not calling it winter out there yet!  I was able to take this nice fall photo of this red set as the sun was starting to come down...

This set is currently for sale!  Contact me for details!

Thanks for reading & happy collecting!

Melissa :0)


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