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Sneak Peek! New native sets coming soon!

December 03, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I've got six new native themed Arabian presentation sets in the works right now!  I'm on about week 6 of working on these now I believe, and I expect 3 to 4 more weeks to finish them up?  These will all be sales pieces as well!  The funniest part about why these came into being is that I started working on them with my son on my lap.  I spent so much time holding him when he was first born and it was wonderful, but day after day I started to get a little restless spending so much time on the couch so I figured out how to hold Wyatt while tying tassles...so naturally I tied 612 of them!  LOL!  These are all bead tied so they were a lot quicker and easier to do.  Each set is a solid color with 3 accent colors and silver.  The headstalls have their end tassels and you can kind of see a peak at what accent colors will be used with each set.  I wanted all of these to be really bright and have pop with the colors.  They will all have a double tier of tassels on the collar and also a full row of 6 or 7 tassels down the side of each headstall.  I will also be doing shark tooth nose chains on them with rio rondo hardware, and probably be throwing in some accent charms like I usually do.  I've got a nice medium green, bright red, mustard-y yellow, orange, royal blue, and a bright happy ocean-y blue.  None of these are spoken for, if you are interested in purchasing one contact me today for details.

Stay tuned to see these progress along!


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