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Oct. 5th Studio Update

October 05, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Well, it's been awhile since I posted a good blog, and the main reason is because of this little cutie pie!  He's been keeping me super busy!  Wyatt was born on August 15th, he's going on 8 weeks old here after this week.  He snuck out a few weeks early, so was born kinda small but we've made leaps and bounds to catch up!  Momma takes good care of him and feeds him lots!  We're both doing really well and finding some sense of normal now, meaning I'm adjusting to not getting much sleep.  Each week I get a little smarter at this and at least now I've figured out how and when to eat, go to the bathroom, shower etc...in the beginning weeks it's easy to lose sight of all that because I was just so focused on taking care of this little guy, I forgot about me!  And that whole bit of advice about "sleep when baby sleeps..." well, not always!  During the day I take advantage of those naps he takes to play with my model horses!  Still gotta have a hobby here and there when I can!  That being said though I love being a mom!  I feel like this is what I was meant to do and I'm so blessed that I get to stay home and take care of little Wyatt and watch him grow everyday.  Even just week to week it is amazing the little changes and things you notice that they can start to do.  Motherhood is probably the most incredible experience in the world, and I am truly blessed!  That being said, little Wyatt calls all the shots around here and I'm scheduled completely around HIM.  That's the major reason that I've decided not to take custom orders at this time because there just aren't any guarantees.  Some days I can get a lot done and others...forget it!  LOL!

Anyway, on to the model horse stuff......

This guy is new, and so is the tack!  I scored this pretty Peter Stone Arabian off of Stone's website recently during a sale.  This is "Speaking Bluntly" a pretty OOAK dark dapple gray with a neat swirling tail.  Just love him, he is so beautiful in person!

The set he is wearing is part of my new collection that I call "Egyptian Treasure".  This is the silver version that I've been promising to share.  I've always wanted to do something in gray and never have so this was my chance to have fun with a different color scheme.  Even better, I got to photograph the gray on a gray!

The collar is covered with tons of colorful tassels in varying sizes and in rows at varying lengths to create this unique waterfall kind of effect.  Originally there was a fourth row that hung down in the center in that dark gray color but it was just too long so I cut it off!  Didn't want to be too over-the-top!  As usual I threw in some Swarovski crystals for some added sparkle, something that's becoming a bit of a signature in my work...it just has to sparkle!  

This set is owned by my friend Diane. :0)

Lastly, here is a sneak peek at a new set coming up.  This is Debbi Lermond's newest resin Arabian "Lyla" and she is a beautiful classic scale mare.  I just scored one of these last week, and decided I need to make some tack for this one.  This presentation set will be a sales piece when finished.  Sorry for the terrible photo, but it's only meant to be a "teaser".  I haven't completely added the tassels to the other side of the collar yet so that's why I photographed the offside because that side has all of them on.  This one is going to be oober sparkly as well.  I plan to do 2 or 3 more "Lyla" sets, maybe some halters.  If you are reading this and want something like this (or if you're interested in this set) for your Lyla feel free to contact me while I'm in "Lyla" mode!

That's all for now!  I've got several more projects going on that are too early to show yet, but as I find time to make tack and blog I'll try to post progress here, or in the least I'll show them off when I'm finished!

Thanks for reading & Happy collecting!


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