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"The Crystal Desert Signature Series" is back!

April 08, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Story time!  A few years ago...okay so more like 10, I started out making Arabian horse tack and went by the name of "Adiva Arabians".  Well, since all these awesome changes came into my life...getting married, buying a house, having a good job...I quit the hobby for about five years due to just not finding time anymore, and my passion shifted to the job I had.  I also sold my entire collection.  When things unexpectedly took a turn for the worse with my job last fall I had two choices: stay and fight for what I deserved, or get a life!  Well, thank goodness it was in the budget to get a life!  Now I'm happily home, and about four and a half months pregnant!  A dream for me really, so that's given me a lot of extra time to find enjoyment again in a hobby that was pushed to the back burner for some time which is why I came back to it with a new name "Arabesque".  You see, this time around I'm a changed woman, someone I can be proud of and I like to think a much better version of myself.  Everything is better, my outlook on life, my relationships with people, and even my art, I've grown and changed for the better as a person and I'm ready to be a mom!  It used to be real hard for me to sit down and put a whole day of tack making in, even when I had the chance.  After experiencing the loss of a hobby for the obsession and dedication to a job that I wasn't really appreciated for, I can never take this hobby for granted again.  I missed it and I really do enjoy it!  So now that we've gotten all sentimental...here's to a my new start!

Gosh I always do this, get started on a story....okay so back when I was known as "Adiva" I had started my own model horse halter line called "The Crystal Desert Signature Series", which was basically a line inspired by the modern takes on Arabian horse presentation.  Now days in the real horse world you see more crystals, chains, and charms on presentation tack, essentially it is the designer stuff of real Arabian horse tack.  These sets aren't typically seen at Arabian shows in the ring, from what I gather, but are more so used for showing off horses at home, on websites,  at festivals, for photo shoots, in magazines...etc.  They are a way to compliment and celebrate the true beauty of the Arabian horse, to decorate them.  I have come to the conclusion myself that it's like jewelry for the Arabian horse.  

Shown above is a photo of the original halter that started off "The Crystal Desert" line, pictured on a gorgeous horse I used to own.  This one is kind of an *ouch* although I do have my reasons for having parted with her that made it okay for someone else to enjoy her!  She was an original Aisha resin painted/haired by Faye Cohen.  I have no idea where this horse is now, but I hope whoever has her likes her as much as I did!  The halters pictured in this post are both original designs by me.  They were inspired by real Arabian horse tack, but not directly copied from anything real, which is where the "signature" part comes into play.  They are unique and completely original to Adiva Arabians and Arabesque!  Piece by piece I planned, measured, arranged, designed these halters.  The halter pictured above on the bare model (Ajmal by Debbi Lermond) was a recent order, also belonging to Heli that I just completed this morning.  After not having made one of these halters in how many years that is my more modern take on it and I forgot how much I love it!  Really, who I am as a model horse artist is someone who loves and craves sparkle on everything, most times I will find a way to put a bit of bling on my work.

The short version of all of this is with the edition of this new halter to my portfolio "The Crystal Desert Signature Series" is back, and there will be more of these in different styles and colors coming this way very soon!


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