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Arabian Horse "Pectoral" Jewelry Set

April 13, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I've just completed this Arabian model horse pectoral jewelry set, one in which I am so proud of!  Before I say anything else I would like to share the link to the reference photo I used for the collar because I feel that I really nailed it:  http://www.straightegyptians.com/cfold/february2008_nasr_xxl.jpg  It's a photo from one of the centerfolds off Straightegyptians.com  I made this using some of Rio Rondo's newest pectoral pieces which I'm proud to say I got some input in designing which was super exciting for me!  I could not wait to try to make the collar from this reference photo, however the halter was lacking flavor so I came up with my own!

This set has been in the works for awhile now and I've just been dying to finish it, but it's been time consuming.  I easily put in over 20 hours of time getting this just the way I wanted it.  The thing with making Arabian horse jewelry is getting the fit just right.  On this particular set the chain I used is so super fine that I had to make most of my own jump rings to link all the tiny pieces together.  I also hand drilled holes into the collar links to make them fit this design.  

I sized the halter to fit larger resins such as ones sculpted by Vicki Keeling and Debbi Lermond.  It is shown on my Bint Nazeem resin.  It would be even better on a horse with a slightly raised head, the reason being that any time horses with tucked heads wear heavier headstalls with chains such as this one tend to hang down close to the horse's eyes pretty easily.  However, this can be adjusted using a tiny bit of sticky wax at the very base of the adjustable headstall strap.  If you pull the strap back a bit and stick your wax down in place it helps hold the chain back from the horse's eye.  The headstall is adjustable with a leather strap, but it is too large overall for the PSA.  If you have any questions about the fit feel free to ask!

The straps are made from super fine, hand thinned leather lace.  There is an adjustable strap at the headstall, and one at the back of the collar piece.  The lead line is detachable and also features a decorative buckle, just like what is seen on most real arabian halter leads.  The throat chain detaches on one side via a tiny hook which is easiest to put on with the help of a tweezers or small pliers.  All sharp parts have been hand filed to help protect your horse from scratching.  I've embellished the set with tons of tiny blue stones for a flattering pop of color, just like how it's seen in the reference photo.  There are tons and tons of tiny coins used in this set hanging from little charms.  It's hard to see in the photo but each coin is etched with amazing detail, another feature to really appreciate about Rio Rondo's newest casts!  It is truly a detailed, super dainty and in scale Arabian horse jewelry set, and I'm proud to say by far one of the finest things I've ever made.  It is a unique one-of-a-kind piece!  

Thanks for checking it out everyone!  Happy Collecting!

Melissa Halvas :0)


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