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Trading costumes for resins! Slots filling up fast!

February 06, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I'm currently looking to expand my resin collection and I'm willing to make a custom made Arabian costume in exchange for nearly any traditional scale Arabian models by Debbi Lermond or Vicki Keeling.  I prefer unpainted, repaint quality, or haired models.  They can even be re-hair prospects because I happen to love to hair models.  This offer is good for an Arabian costume in traditional scale made in any colors you want.  I am not offering hand embroidered patterns at this time, however I do hand embroider accents into most of my designs.  

*2/4/16- Update:  Also looking for Wind Walker, Pasha, Optime, Raakid, Khemosabi, Nahar, Luxor, Indian Silver, Indian Fire....several others, feel free to ask or offer ones not listed here!

Non Arabians- looking for Eberls Rearing Akhal Teke and new standing Akhal Teke Mare

*2/6/16- Update:  I'm looking to take up to three Arabian costumes to work on right now.  I have one booked, and one pending, so I've for sure got one more spot open right now!


This ad will be updated as the booking process progresses along!  There's a chance to get your costume in time for the summer show season if you book your slot now!


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