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New horse & halter!

February 06, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Here is a new halter I made last week that I wanted to share!  This is an example of a simpler version I can make of my native halters that is still striking!  Some of you know that recently I've been offering to trade halters and tack for various model horse bodies to work on.  This is an example of one that was made in exchange for a Huckleberry Bey body.  I am currently still offering tack in trade for various bodies so if this is something that would interest you feel free to contact me about it!

Yesterday was also a very happy friday when this lovely girl showed up at my door!  This is courtesy of a trade that I am currently doing.  I have decided to let my Lyla resin go to focus on more traditional scale items instead!  Now, what color should Joelle be is the question!  This is a shot of one of my work desks (I have one upstairs in my house and one downstairs!) and I'm currently working on a few presentation sets that have decorative blankets that go with them.  One of these blanket sets will be offered for sale when finished (the other is not pictured in this photo).  I'm trading one set to my friend Diane and she will get to pick which of these two sets she wants when I'm done, and the other will be a sales piece!  I'm just a trade happy fool this year, but what a great way to commit to growing my collection because that's so important right?...LOL!  I'm an addict...


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