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New Pom halters + artistic photos!

January 30, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

First of all, aren't they beautiful?  These two horses are resin Arabians that were sculpted by Vicki Keeling.  They were painted by Shannon Mayfield, and then I got the honors of doing their hair.  The halters are also new and were made by me specially for these two beauties.  The chestnut is an "Abu" owned by Diane Finazzo, and the grey is a Bint Nazeem owned by me.  When Diane sent me Abu to be haired and I saw these two horses side by side they just begged to be photographed together.  I felt so inspired!  I asked her if I could keep Abu around long enough to make him and Nazeem some halters so that I could photograph them together just like this!  I do have more photos of these two that I will share in another blog.  I plan to take some more photos as time permits and just have some more fun with them before Abu heads home to Diane.

So this was also my first time making "pom poms" for an Arabian halter.  They are commonly used on real Arabian native halters in all sorts of colors and I've always wanted to try this.  Very similar to my trials with coming up with a way to make fringe, coming up with a way to do pom poms in this scale was also a challenge and took 3 failed attempts.  BUT, the good news is for those that are interested I do plan to share what I learned about making pom poms for model scale halters in a future tutorial because they are super fun to make when you know you're going to be able to actually use them!  LOL!

Today I also managed to accidentally capture Abu and Nazeem in these unique photos where rays of sunlight are coming down!  They look just magical don't they?  I also need to take some more photos of Abu's hair job to share.  He was an absolute delight to hair and I'm really happy with how his mane and tail came out since this was one of my first times mixing mohair colors to get this dimensional chestnut effect.

The red halter is currently for sale, and is made to fit large resins.  Contact me by email for details:  arabesquearabiantack@hotmail.com

Thanks for reading & happy collecting!

Melissa :0)


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