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Arabesque Tack Books Are Now Closed

April 12, 2015  •  1 Comment

For those that don't know I am about halfway through my first pregnancy, and with summer on the way I will be shifting my focus to planning for the arrival of my new baby! This means that I don't want to leave anybody hanging with open orders, and in order to avoid that I am closing my books now possibly for the remainder of the year or longer to adjust to my new and exciting life-style! However, for the next few months I have plans to turn out as many new sales items as I can so if you see something you like now is the time to snatch it up! Even though I am not accepting paid commissions if there is something you'd like to see in a certain size or color I am open to taking "requests" for items to be made, I just will not be accepting payment up front for them in the event that I don't get to them so feel free to contact me if there's something you desperately want! If all goes well I will be listing new sales items every Sunday for at least the next two months. A few costumes may also be coming up for sale, something that I have not offered for several years.

Feel free to bookmark and check back to my sales list on MH$P often, here is the direct link to my sales list: http://www.modelhorsesalespages.com/searchlist.asp?Accid=17086

To see sneak peaks at what I'm working on before it hits my sales list keep following my blog!


I just found your blog and I've been admiring your marwari halters for months now! It'd be awesome if you made some of those ;) Also congratulations with your baby!
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