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Studio Update 4/22

April 22, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Here's another sneak peek at how last week's sales pieces are coming along!  I was dreaming when I thought I could finish all that in one week, like usual!  The presentation sets are getting really close to being finished up!

Here's an updated shot of that "fring-y" halter from last week.  In the next few days this one will receive a brow band, throat lash, nose chain, lead line and some cowries.  There are 9 of these altogether.  The other colors aren't as far along.  I assembled the black and white ones first just to make sure this "experimental" new design was headed in the right direction first!

Here's a shot of the red set.  Funny thing about this one, I ran out of the red I used to make the collar and halter bases.  So I bought what I thought was the same shade of red and started making tassels, only to realize the two shades are slightly off from each other, but I decided to leave it because it's not a bad effect!

This set is bright emerald green, it seems paler in these photos but it's actually very vibrant!

I stayed up late last night and finished up end ropes on the green and blue sets.  This morning I will finish up the ends on the red.  I came up with a newer method for doing these end ropes too, that I am just in love with!  Sometimes sleep really is overrated and your best ideas just happen when you should be sleeping!

Take note of the red/green stripe on these end ropes....

Here's the blue set before the ends were finished, Jedi was just dying to try it on!  I think these colors look great on a lighter horse and I will definitely photograph Miss Elizabeth Bennett in the sales pictures for this set!

Impossible to see in this photo but the end ropes in this one are wrapped with silver!  LOVE how this one came out...tempted to keep it, but must sell so I can buy more ponies and supplies!

I should be finishing up some of these pieces to sell this week!  Stay tuned for more to come soon!

Thanks for reading and Happy Collecting!

Melissa :0)


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