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Sales Piece! Red Jeweled Presentation Set

August 12, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

New from Arabesque comes this fun, flashy jeweled presentation set for Arabian horses.  I used reference photos of real Arabian presentation sets for my inspiration to make this set, but the end result still has some of my own flair thrown into it.  It has been painstakingly made (literally, with swollen pregnant fingers!) with nearly 100 little tassels, and over 13 hours of time put into it.  The collar is completely lined with thin bright red little tassels in varying lengths for a really unique effect.  It is then adorned with real Swarovski crystals in light siam and golden shadow for added sparkle, and it ties behind the neck with some detailed matching ropes.  The halter and collar are both constructed of my hand made braiding technique that I use on most sets, they are then topped with a hand made metallic gold braid to accent.

The halter is adjustable with a buckle so it can go a little larger or smaller, and it has a throat lash attached with a sliding bead for exact fit and safety (because we know those Arabian horse models can slip out of their halters and run away!).  The nose band on the halter has been completely hand beaded to match, and the tassels along the sides of the halter are something completely new, hand-made, completely beaded and totally fun!  And then lastly of course, there are some matching Swarovski crystals thrown into the sides and noseband of the set for accent.  I thought about going nuts with the crystals, but decided a less is more approach suited this set better, and the attention is drawn more to all those tiny tassels!  The lead line is detachable.  All rope ends have been finished with matching bright red tassels.  This set is originally made to fit the Peter Stone Arabian mold, but should fit models similar in size, possibly some larger resins too.

This set is a one of kind!  For details on purchasing this set check out my ad on MH$P to see if it's still an active listing:


I'm hoping to start another set in this style with tassels varying in color this time.  To see one of the reference photos I used for inspiration in making this set, check out this picture link below from my pinterest:



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